MyTile - Digital photoceramic tiles


At MyTile we work with high quality ceramic toners and printers. We fire any image on all ceramic and porcelain surfaces. Because of the high temperature, our toners sink into the glazed layer of any tile. When our kilns cool down, the toner is literally mingled with the tile's top layer. That's why our products never fade.


We have several small and big kilns in our company. That's why we accept a big variety of orders, starting from a single mug to walls bigger than a hundred square meters.


All kinds of desings are possible. Completely or partially coated, full colour, black and white, glossy or matt. We can fire images on tiles of all sizes, going from small mosaics to bigger, modern sizes.


To find out more about how we put your images on porcelain, read below!



MyTile uses the nothing but the best. Thanks to modern printing techniques and using high quality ceramic toners,

we aim for the sharpest detail and colour fastness.


At MyTile we don't work like most other ceramic printing companies...


Most important is the quality of the provided image. Usually we need a miminum of 300dpi in order to create a nice finished product.


After the firing process, the toner lies beneath the surface of the porcelain. That's why our products are scratchfree and UV-resistant.